This book left me angry empty and hurt. Therefore it was a brilliant book. You may question if my final emotions where these why is it a brilliant book. My answer is simple the topic in the book was about loss and suicide. If you come away feeling anything else then the book hasn’t set out what it was designed for. Nobody truly understands suicide even those who have been truly suicidal and a certain points I am sad to say I have but the connection in this story is something I’ve rarely seen in other books. There’s a poiniance to this book that can creep into your skin knowing that you couldn’t help the charters from themselves or others around them for the simple answer they are to busy being human and some things can fix. You cant live in the past you cant bring back the dead you cant stop that inner voice that is somehow made up of you but hates you.

Sometimes you cant stop someone from suicide and sometimes you can. But if you fail there will always be the what ifs. This book tackles all of these things along with is the idea of suicide the only thing to think when you cant feel human anymore. Can starting on the ledge of a bell tower and finding someone else there be your saving grace. Or will it be both of your greatest downfalls1