Two days till The return coming out, if you haven’t read this series its a must! Imagine that the Greece Gods left the demi gods do what they want over a millennia ago now there are pure who are children of the demi god mixing with another child of a demi god creates a pure but a demi god and human leaves half blood. Pure bloods use them as servants or guards for precious Pures but when Alexandria Andros a half has been out in the real world for years fighting of Deamons who feed of ether of Pures and Halfs gets pulled back to deity Island a place her and her mum had run from changes things even the gods didn’t imagine.

Over the series Alex falls in love with a Pure Aiden (who is probably the worlds hottest guy.). Alex broke every rules created between the races. Managed to kick considerable ass, Alex found everything she though she knew she didn’t. When the Greece gods come back to play things create a interesting turn especially when one has a knack of entering at the wrong moment (he really needs a bell)

Then there’s Seth a half with a  difference he’s an Apollyon a half with the power of all pure combined, he could be a god Killer and he certainly has the ego to do it. But is Seth really as cocky as he seems or just searching for love something nobody has given him during his childhood. Seth story is far from over and is set to return in he’s own series will his golden eyes and certain flare for trouble or will he meet his match when a new girl enters the seen.

basically if you want fast packed story full of imaginative and fantastic characters who have combinations of great wit sarcasm and style there is no better series.