If you like young adult spy series this one is for you. Unlike Alex Rider or Young Bond. What happens in this book could happen. There is no  elaborately crazy evil villain who leaves the good guy in a comply in escapable death is eminent scene. The kids are taken from foster care and trained to be spies but in ways that enhance skills they already have. Sometimes the kids muck up but that what makes this series so great because teenagers do muck up they do get drunk and want to party.  They may be trained as taught useful skill sets but there still completely human.

The first series follows James Adams a young boy with a talents of getting in trouble with the law. When his mum dies him and his sister Lauren go into care. During this time another young agent from the cherub compound see James potential. Once on campus James is trained in a basic training course that would make even grown men cry. then he is  sent out on a number of different assignments. James has a good head for maths and whilst not only being train as a spy when not on missions he would be on campus he must go to school and take classes so once he is to old to be a cherub agent he has the ability to go on with great credentials. Over the books James falls in love, falls out of love. Gets tested by being in situations he has to make the right call even when that call will cost him friendships.

These books scream don’t under estimate what a teenager can do just because they may have had a past they can be something spectacular they can save the world without you even realising it.