Where as in my other post I have written what the book is about in this I would like to talk about minor rather than major characters. I’m sure most blog followers are thinking why read another blog about a book or film we know so well. But as John Green says once a book is published it belongs to the reader. So my thoughts may be different than yours and most see a love story but as Hazels says hers is an epic love that should die with them. But love is not a tangible thing and it comes in different forms.

I want to look at is Isaac. The fact the term always was used seemed odd to me given in written fiction today when you refer to the word always one name springs to mind Severus Snape he’s devotion to love that cant be. In a lot of ways Isaac loses more than anyone else. He knew August the longest he lost his girlfriend he lost his sight and whilst he joked about he would tell the scientist in the future to keep there eyes because he didn’t want to see in a world without August Waters for me is the most heart breaking moment I’ve read in a book. Because there is always truth behind just kidding and that second showed who Isaac really was. He was the guy who couldn’t see but could see the most, feel the most, and this is why always was used because now days is associated with the most loyal friend who has lost the most.