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Hate list is a very interesting and psychological book. If you struggled through high school being bullied I’m sure along the way you may have wrote you want bad things to happen to people not actually wanting them more just to get the ideas out of your head. Valerie confided in her boyfriend about all the bad things she though about and his was worse than hers she thought that someone understood.

Then one day her life really did get bad but it was her boyfriend that was the cause of this. Nick (her boyfriend) went into school one day with only one thought. To kill those who had wronged him and Valerie.

When ever a school shooting happens there’s always the questions why. There always the what if’s and how could anybody be that evil. But the thing is some people just cant cope and something flicks a switch that means these questions will never be answered. Valerie however must because the names in the book Nick aimed for where people who had wronged her. Even though she never really want people hurt they have been and most feel she is to blame.

The question is how would you cope with being in a place where something so horrific happened and you where entangled in it. Without realising it every single persons life in that school changed that day. But even though you got shot as well nobody asked if you were okay they merely wished you where dead and that someone else had lived.

There’s are so many in depth and heart breaking points to this books because its something that in the real world is unfavourable but happens. What happens when the worst thing in the world happens and there’s no one to explain why or the reason you learn are hard to bare. How much pain can the human body handle.

This book looking into the darkness of human nature and ask questions most are afraid to know the answer to incase they are the ones to blame