when hearing the premise of this book it really shouldn’t work and yet some how its one of the most charming hilarious and captivating stories I have read. Heather wells was a teenager her mum and manger made a fortune of her she was in a relationship with a boy band superstar who was also the son of her company owner. That was till she was left penniless and found her boyfriend cheating on her, Heather is taken in by his brother cooper and given board in help for her doing his finances.

Heather gets a Job working for a residence dorm at the local university and in turn earns a wage and a way to get back into education. There just one problem. Students keep dying. In the first book most people don’t believe the person was killed and her death was an accident but Heather knew that girls don’t elevator surf and so started her own investigation which ultimately ended up leaving Heather in hot water. This run continues over the five books that Heather always seems to be in the wrong place at the right time and with her gentle heart she often falls for every trick in the book.

There are a number of special characters in this book series that make me wish I had friends like them. The first is Gavin who is a film major and may come off as noisy and always in trouble but he really has a heart of gold. He protects Heather more than once and is always willing to help where he can. Heather in turn help him afford rent over the summer and he becomes this little lovable rouge that you both want to look after and strangle at the same time.

Then there’s Cooper Heathers landlord and guy of every girls dreams if you like the good guy type not only does he care for heather he didn’t go into being a boy band and being pain the mega money he paid for university on his own and got a job as a PI. He put up with the long hours Heather work and looks out for the kids like Gavin who heather has seemed to adopt as her own.

Finally Heather herself is so kind and see hope in the world even though she been through what she has been through she protect her dorm students as if every one of them where her own child and helps out those who have nobody to turn to.