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This book reminds me of many things, like Pan labyrinth mixed with a classic style story teller. It also reminds me of in fault in our stars Hazel goes Van Houten is the only person who knows what its like to die without out actually dying . Later in the book when talking about his daughter dying Van Houten says Anna “Suffered beautifully.” But really that’s the thing about death is that people who have loved ones also so suffer to degrees that are enough to break you, you all suffer beautifully.

Conor mum is dying and at night an elk awakens and comes to him. He tells stories to Conor and ask questions that needs the bigger picture response. But Conor doesn’t see the bigger response he’s to involved and full off hate to see the elks messages for what they are. He is to busy suffering and that suffering is leaking through to his waking hours.

Whilst I know this is a UK waterstones cover that only so many people have it has a spectacular printed design to go with the stories the picture of the darkness Conor experiences and makes the story more visual and more heart-breaking because of it.

This story shows how we do suffer beautifully when hard times and losses truly com