When I go to conventions I always make it a mission of mine to buy books from seller rather than big chains. because more often that not you’ll find a great story and this is what happened with the Vanguard Legacy. If you like Vampire Academy or Mortal Instruments this series is really for you.

Elora Walker only wanted two things in her life to be the best vanguard and her mums approval. Both of which is really the same thing given her mum is one of the best vanguards that have ever been with the highest dark seeker count. Elora just wants to live up to her name. The trouble is there are things about the walker that she never knew and these secrets are dangerous.

Elora goes to the vanguard academy to train she meets friends along the way and falls in love only problem is she may love but should she trust. She must learn to fight like a vanguard and work in a team with a vampire and sprit user only with the trinity of power will her group be able to face what’s coming but of course she wouldn’t leave her best friend behind. Aaron is always there to protect her.

The thing I love about this book is that not all the creature in the book live up to traditional standards. the vampires aren’t blood thirst fools with no sprit there more like the vampires in vampire academy. The way the different people interact with each other are interesting you know there’s secrets Elora need to unearth but it make you want to unearth them first.

if your looking for a young adult book with lots of action and adventure this is the way to go it might not be a well known book or with a big company but it is an excellent read that so far only a few have read make sure your one of them.