The selection series is a very good read. America Singer never wanted to be in the selection in the first place. But her family need the money and her heart has just been broken by her boyfriend Aspen Ledger. So for the family she enters a completion to become royal being from a low class she didn’t think she would go far anyway after all she was the only 5 to make it to breakfast on the first day.

This is a dystopian story that integrates reality television story on who will marry a prince whilst revolution to over throw the monarchy is about to begin. Over the course of the books America starts to adapt to the royal life she has to put up with girls sabotaging her at every step, Face bandits breaking into the castle. Where the outcome can lead to deaths if the southern rebels attacking and for some reason the northern seem to be after books.

Maxon falls for America the moment he see’s her unfortunately America not so quick on the up take and every time she gets close something happens it doesn’t help that Aspen has been drafted and now works as a royal guard. Working on her protection duty.

America has to learn to deal with her hang ups and realise Maxon is who she wants and that she is as good as any of the other completion even if they had been bread for this. She also has to decided if she is ready to take the throne one day because saying yes to Maxon means just that.