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I have noticed numerous books that have a retelling of the Hades Persephone story over the last few years and this is one of my favourites. In this story we learn that hades marriage with Persephone was an arranged one and when She falls for Adonis and becomes mortal leaving Hades alone there’s only so many years he can stand it. Ruling the underworld tasked with giving lost souls what they need. nobody has given him what he needed and that’s love.

After so much time and pain Hades finally thinks enough is enough and goes to the Olympians to tell them he can not live the way he has any longer after talking to Demeter who still feels responsible for Persephone attitude and pain Hades is suffering talks him into finding a new wife he said that he would do so. So that when he fades from existence someone could take his place. he promised to actively look for a new wife.

The problem with looking for a new wife there was someone who didn’t want Hades to love anyone after he had turned her down. So every time Hades brought a new woman back to the manner to try and pass the goddess test each where killed before getting past Christmas with these girls deaths on his mind he wanted to withdraw. In a last ditch effort to keep him alive Demeter said she would have another child but born mortal when the child came of age she would be the last to take the test. With the Olympians backing Hades had no choice to allow this to happen.

Kate had a rough life her mum was dying of cancer and she had spent several years living in a hospital never knowing if her mum would make it or if this time would be the last. When she was 18 Kate’s mum insisted that they go back to where she was from and Kate must go to school. Not wanting to but having little choice Kate went to a remote village that she had never heard of before and started senior year yet there was the popular girl Ava who seemed to have it in from her from the start. James a boy wore headphones to big for him and usually had a bottle of ketchup in his bag.

Ava convinced Kate to go to a school party which turned out it wasn’t a party but a trick to make Kate play by her rules but when something happened Kate saw the impossible on the terms of she read the Persephone story and she agree to the same terms.

After a few events Kate agree to the terms but the problem was there was still someone sabotaging the trials and did Kate really want to be a  goddess and there was the fact her mum was always  on her mind.

The biggest problem Kate had when entering the manner and trails whilst she was growing to love and trust Henry (hades) he would pull away . Frightened she would end up like the others or that he wasn’t loveable. But to her it felt like nobody would be able to live up to the image and mirage Hades had of Persephone.

For me Hades has a very Snape like personality and life story the love he thinks he had clouds over any he could experience. I’m glad that experience changed over the course of the books but makes me feel so much for a character that he experienced such loneliness