So today is world book day in the United Kingdom where as the rest of the world celebrates it on 23 April. I have no idea why UK is a different day but it is and nothing can be done about it. The thing about it however is the way its seems to be celebrated I’ve hit the age now where my friends seem to have young children and today where sending them into school in costumes. I have nothing against costume in fact my cos play from the many conventions over the years is quiet vast. The thing however I felt when seeing their facebook walls instead of sending there kid into school in a costume of something relating to books they send them in Minion or frozen costumes. I appreciate that these are the most recent fads but it disappointed me when I saw two of my cousins have children in the same class one went in as a replica of Juliet and one dressed as a minion. Yet the minion won the best dressed costume.  I feel sad that the people who get the praise and acknowledgement are the ones who had not focused on the fact its not character day but world book day. That the day that’s supposed to be designed for readers and getting people into reading is nothing more than a I can dress up better than you can costume. That the premise of the day is lost on the co operation of whats big in film rather than getting a child to read.