Early Anita Blake is a fast moving supernatural book with Anita being witty sarcastic and tough as nails. she also a vampire hunter necromancer. The early  Character’s introduced had primal wants and needs Jean Claude is the kind of bad ass brooding vampire most women want.  Edward is an assassin who is pretty much the ultimate hard man who likes to play with shiny weapons and big guns. These things can only ever lead to awesome things.

The first 12 in the book series are a good read and if I was to recommend one book it would be obsidian butterfly from the series because Anita get into her first real fire fight and the results are amusing not to mention the fact a serial killer get the hot’s for her because of how she handled herself and killing of the ancient monsters.

Whilst each book Anitas powers grow or mutate she ends up becoming a shifter and the books have gone from great story telling to just smut. Sometimes I think I wont read the next one but then always end up doing so. The reason for this is when she gets the story right its something that is a very good read. Problem is I feel that there to many leads and the course of the story’s have hit its and there are to many main characters who end up in her enthral and there nothing that gets done about having sex.

There are some fantastic characters within the books but sometimes I think series should of finished years before they did. I loved early sarcastic Anita who has conviction of her actions and always does what’s right not what she needs to do to save one of her lovers.

If you like vampire novels like Anne rice then you will probably like the Anita Blake series. Personally I loved the first ones but there has got to come a point where you need to move onto a different story or a different world else it take away the enjoyment of the earlier books.