Geek girl is a nice easy read that just makes your day lighter. Having met Holly and listen to her talk in YALA (part of lfcc) last year makes me love the series more. Harriet Manners is a character that try’s to find her way and learns the more she tries to be what’s supposedly expected of her the more she makes mistakes. I enjoy the fact that’s Harriet’s quirky but not to a annoying level. I love the random pieces of knowledge that you can take from the book and the in all that glitters by the end she doesn’t need a man to find out who she is. yes she will miss her first love but knew it was better to let him go rather than cause pain in the later run.

I know many people prefer Fan girl over geek girl because they are both similar in style however I like the intricate facts over the fanfiction writing you see in Fan girl. So if you need a simple fun read I recommend Geek Girl.