There are so many thought provoking notions in John’s books its hard to narrow them down and even then the questions just lead to more questions. Some of his statements are plain truths that some people believe whilst others cant. He’s right in the concept the world isn’t a wish granting factory yet however impossible things may be we continue to wish for the changes that are out of our hands.

A friend of mine read looking for Alaska recently and when I first asked him what he though of it he said he enjoyed it. After that he had a few choice words about how I’m always getting him to read books where a character’s going to die. But I had a message of him tonight as he had re read the book and goes wait she wasn’t in an accident it was suicide. The thing is that’s about looking for Alaska. both could of been plausible and it was left open for your own opinion. In my view I had no doubt that it was suicide. The page in her book for homework “how do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering” where Alaska wrote “straight and fast.” clinched it for me.  Where the  other response is “how do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.”


John saying in his vlogbrothers videos that once the book is in the reader hands it no longer belongs to him but to the reader. In essence I’m right in my assumption it was suicide and my friend was right it was a car accident. In fact there could be a third option Alaska was testing death neither meaning to kill her self but being okay with the option if it worked that way.

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Which ever the reason for Alaska death it had the add on of Pudge life of being left to deal with his pain and not understanding the reason why it happened and if it was ever his fault was it the last straw that broke her. In the fault in our stars Hazel pushes people away because she think she’s a grenade. (and says so on more than one occasion) In reality all of us are Alaska hiding her depression is every bit as destructive as Hazels cancer.

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Most people think that Hazel suffers the bigger tragedy in the fault in our stars and hers was great but others where just as great as if not more. Isaac pre funeral speech of he didn’t want to see a world without his best friend is heart breaking because he lost he’s eye sight he’s losing his best friend and his best friends girlfriend who is also terminal and he would be left.

I’ve lost friends to suicide, cancer and accident and there are large chunks of it I fallen into Alaska mind set but the debate with my friend left me questioning the arguments on all sides. Both book  are so different yet so similar just the polar ends of death. The physical and the psychological and how each play on each other. Im not sure if I’ve read anything like it from a different author. Its also why they make such great reads they make you think and those thoughts are your own not all Johns work. even if the quotes are Johns.