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As like all the books I’ve posted today this focuses on teenage death. Unlike the others there’s no it could be suicide or was it might end that way. This was a planned and organised suicide that the character Hannah had planned and ensured that even if she was dead she would make those that drove her to it pay for what they had done to her in the past.

The book starts on Clay Jensen receiving a package only to find tapes and reasons she had given her reasons for wanting to die. The 13 reasons where 13 student all had upset her in the past with the exception of Clay the reason Clay was the last person to receive the tapes was because she had been in love with him. In her eyes he never saw her so as her departing piece of life that she left was a direct blow at the person she supposedly loved the most.

Now I understand better the want and suicidal addition more than most. But one thing I know more than anything is that its the biggest death that will leaving the living with the questions off why. But as hard as it is for many people to understand if you get yourself into a truly suicidal mind set there is nothing you can do to stop them.

This book makes it look like if each character had not done a specific thing to Hannah she wouldn’t have killed herself. As Clay goes through the tapes he see the other people blamed for the way Hannah saw them not the way he once did. When he got down to the last tape and found that his role was love it made  the book more emotive.

She could deal with the pain of bullying and verbal abuse but she couldn’t cope with love. that’s the thing many people miss depression sometimes stops people getting suicidal because they cant function enough but add the idea of something positive to the mix suicide seems like a good option.

Whilst 13 reasons isn’t on my favourite list I can certainly see why it was written and I feel its important to have books out there that show the consequences people make can bring so many others down with you and can change so many lives