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When a boating accident cause Olga to lose her best friend Conner she finds herself unable to cope with the loss. Going back to school she feels like everyone wishes she was the one that had died and she kind of agrees with them. When she gets home she takes to many pills not with the intention to kill herself but more to cope with numbing the pain. Of course sometimes things you think you can stop the pain can make it that much worse.

The book jumps to a little while latter and Olga is in therapy due to the “pill incident” and whilst there she meets Nate a loveable guy who got moved into Olga village after he had a car accident he was driving to fast and he was deemed by his parents to be a danger and forced into therapy.

As part of Olga therapy session she was told by the therapist to come up with 18 things she wanted to do or see and then where humanly possible make them happen. Nate also liked this idea and  decided to help Olga in her quest and then started a 18 things to do list for himself as well. Pretty soon All Olga’s friends and classmates had picked up the idea of doing 18 things.

Olga’s list included things like breaking out in the middle of the night, riding around on the world biggest rollercoaster, living the day by what ever the magic 8 ball says . Things that might seem small or big to others but all where big to Olga herself.

18 things helped Olga transition from the fact she wasn’t with Connor her and Nate’s Final therapy session left them both realising that something’s you get to move on from and some things you don’t, or at least you don’t move on the way you think you do.

I saw the ending coming a mile away but know some of my friends where shocked if you you like the tv show being Ericka then this book is really for you.