The Lunar Chronicles is a great futuristic telling of everyday fairy tales retold in a very different way. Cinder is a fantastic character that whilst being cyborg is more human than anyone she has more depth and life than many characters combined. As the series progresses she meets other fairy tale heroines that have there own hardships each having to decide if they wish to follow there heart follow the law or realise that freedom comes at to high a price.

Now when it comes to the lunar chronicles I had no doubt in my mind that I would love the series. Before I had ever read it. When people think of fanfiction most go to smut and things like 50 shades of grey. Yes there are a lot of fanfiction like that and there is also a lot of poor fanfiction. However not all of fanfiction is and some are just ways of people expressing thereself.

I have known Marissa Meyer’s work for many years only I knew it under the name Alicia Blade. I love sailormoon and her sailormoon fanfictiction is the best I have ever read. Even all the books  I own and stories and fanfiction I’ve ever read I never get bored of Alicia Blade fanfiction especially saying goodbye to Dorothy Smith.

I’m glad that some of the most truly creative and amazing fanfiction authors are now getting into mainstream as well as some of the not so great ones. If you love the lunar chronicles and want to read how well and how long she has been producing amazing stories check out her  fanfiction