I only just started the Courtlight series. Usally I will wait till end of series till I review but I have entered many book fb competitions and this is the first time I’ve ever won so Im excited and so fair to talk about. This series mixes old world new world and magic when I think of the descriptions Ciardis give of the places where she goes and what she see’s I picture 18 century grandeur and poverty.

This series also remind me a lot of the selection series by Kiera Cass Ciardis has  gone from a clothes washer to an elite with powers she never knew she had and no way of knowing how and if she would control them.

In this centre everybody wants to be sold to the highest bidder and depending on which power you own will depend on which person will go after you really Ciardis has to options. go for the General who is old and needs someone to provide him with children or go for a prince who is disguised as a noble because if people where to discover they would both b e in great peril.

Ciardis must choose between what is right and what is easy and preferable avoid the sprit lands that the prince usually calls her to. But if she stops helping the prince the kingdom will be in great peril.

I enjoyed the first book of the courtlight series and amm looking forward to reading the rest