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So I was going to keep this blog purely about books but I spent the weekend at Cardiff comic con and thought Id share my views. Now I’m a old hand at conventions and signings. I choose to go to Cardiff because James Marsters was supposed to be there unfortunely he pulled out last minute. usually I don’t go for just one guest and the only reason I chose Cardiff was that a lot of my convention friends lived there anyway.

Its always good to hang out with people who like the same tv shows films or anime as you because in normal life its usually frowned upon but at conventions its the greatest thing in the world to be around people who understand your love of things.  Now I met a girl who love Snape which is someone im obsessed with to the point pretty much everyone in my life has told me at some point that its not a health to worship someone that much but I finally sound someone who understood and it was great.

Now here’s the negative things about the cons and that’s the prices of tickets and guest talks. When it comes to conventions you can usually see what guest are there for the love of the fans and what are there solely for the money.

The first talk of the sunday I went to was game of thrones  as Iain Glenn pulled out it was only Daneil Portman and Fintan McGowen. First thing I disliked about the talk was directly in front of me was a women with 2 young children. Which if I had to guess they couldn’t have been more than 6 or 8. Given that it was game of thrones I was  thinking what the hell was she doing there anyway. The questions started to be asked and Daneil portam was giving answers and he said his favourite scene to film was the brothel scene. the woman rudely got up making tutting noises dragging her children out of the room. Now if it was the doctor who talk or something other family friendly then fair enough but it was games of thrones. what exactly did you expect. She should of been at the LFCC 2 years ago where Perter Dinkagle and Jason Momonas tv screening  went something along the lines of. peter going “dead  dead no cock so might as whell be dead. Ah Bram his mum in real life id shag her. ” Jason momonas “that makes two of us” What was also disappointing in the talk was Fintan McGowen when asked who he would like to see end on the throne he’s response was simply I don’t care. DAneil Portman tried to save the question but giving in depth detail. when asked what house their characters should be in and what their real selves should be in  again daneil gave a complete answer and why where Fintan for some random reason just talked about he liked riding his horse with no  mention of his house at all it was blatently clear he had never watched or read anything but the 4 episode he was in and a poor choice to have as a  guest. I have never been in such a poor talk.

I was pleasenty surprised at Jack Donnelly he was very nice and kind and Jessie Cave was also lovely and had a heir of lunar lovegod about her.

Gettingnto the event itself was easy and the dealers table far cheaper than you find at lfcc .