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Since it first began I have always been a huge Buffy the vampire slayer fan. So much that the last several years I’ve gone to conventions to meet buffy stars, so when I saw this book in trago mills for 75p I couldn’t resist getting it. Then I found out its was like a book I haven’t read since early 90s. Though in 90s these type books was generally you where in inspector. In suicide king you are the slayer and get to pick where you go and what happens when you get there. I love this type of reading because you are an active member of the world your reading. I found myself often killed mainly because I always choose to go to Willys bars because really who wouldn’t want to beat up billy the snitch. I had great time playing around with this book and love It. Its not quiet snoopy dancing with xander (which ive done but it is a great read. You don’t really have to be a buffy fan as you can see it as a role play game I wish there was more of these style books in other fandoms Ilike. Hunger games would be a fantastic one. But for now I shall amuse myself with buffy 😀