This book is actually not out to buy yet so parts of review will have slight (ill try not to but may do so without thinking.) spoilers so don’t continue to read if you are waiting for the book.

The great thing about these books are that Joanne has looked at traditional mythological creatures and then formed them into something that’s different and new. Elora’s a great female lead with the right amount of attitude power and human weakness that you know she’s a little broken from everything but instead of giving up she pushes past the pain.

With reflected ending in Aarons death Elora’s emotions are high but having graduated the academy and her dad plotting to end the world Elora’s once again in great peril. And given her gift she is the youngest person ever to run her own quad.

Being in charge leads Elora to make decisions that are hard to make and a simple mistake can cost people their lives. Being the front end of this battle means that she will have more than her own life in her hands will the power change her. She ways up the weight of the world.