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I cant remember how long its been since the first time I read Artemis Fowl series but I have just recently reread it. It doesn’t matter the age gap of when I read if first to read it now I always enjoy it. Though I’m more prepared for what happens in opal deception the 3 or 4 time around.

I love the charters Artemis starting as this little genius with megalomaniac schemes’ to steal money and weapons for the faerie people that human adults don’t believe exist and children are to stupid to go after. But with a mind like Artemis he had the brain and start up capitol to steal from the fairies little did he know that he would become best friends which holly short a girl who is the only female in a all male police force has a high criminal catch rate. Until Artemis comes along and generally tarnishes Holly’s reputation.

Each book has its good and bad side but then all books have that. I love Foaly the centaur running tech genius and commander root who’s gruff attitude can come across as hard if you don’t know him.

My two favourite books from the series are Opal deception. I wont spoiler it in case anybody hasn’t read it yet but here to say there’s a moment that changes everyone completely and Time paradox. In Time Paradox Artemis has to go fight against his old self. You can see what Artemis has changed from a boy who had money and toys and education can buy but no friends to the teenager he become with the help of his friends and nobody saw him ever being a member off the faerie police but then that’s the great things about books the way charter change from beginning till the end. They reflect life and that we don’t always Know what will change us. Or even how much event have changed us till suddenly one day you think wait that was so long ago.