Excerpt ( The Pericolo Series)

“I used to watch her through the lights. Watch as her body turned and twisted and she morphed into my siren.

I wanted her, every ounce of her, but now I have her where I want her, all I want to do is corrupt every inch of her pretty little soul.

Valentinos aren’t made for tales of love. We’re made for the horror stories you fear.

We’re the monsters that make you scared to ever hope again.

It’s time she realises it.


He’s watched me for months. Given me every reason to allow curiosity to start killing me slowly.

The way he makes the world melt away makes me want to throw all inhibition and greet him personally, but every time the music ends and the lights lift he vanishes, crushing every hope of getting what I want.

Until one day a moment of chance happens.

But how does a man like Dante Valentino cope with a woman as
messed up as me?


By letting him have every inch of my tainted soul.”

Out of the Authors I didn’t know last night this one intregues me the most given its a lot darker and a lot more players than the average book. Im really looking forward to the dynamics of mafia family and romance to be put togher to form something special whilst Ive given one except from the book a lot more was given last night and it really drew me in.


Above is a picture of the players questions is can you play their game?