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Another future fiction story that pulls you into a world that has been corrupted. A third of the population had blood fever and as a result people fear what they cant understand. That is that whilst adults died of the infection and most homeless or seen as nothing originally the they where felt sorry for. Those days of feeling sorry for those children are now over and they are being percussed for it. Some who went threw blood fever bagan to change and now have powers problem for Adelline Amouteru her powers are seeped in darkness. Fear and Fury do not mix well especially when you don’t have control over them.

Adelline is taken in by the young Elite society know as the dagger society. The head of the order Enzo Valenciano. Once first in line to the throne but after the blood fever got surpassed by his sister and her husband. Wanting the throne back Enzo is employing and training people who have powers to become and elite. Though he is playing a dangerous game and a weird fascination with Adelline make him more venerable because there’s a certain draw to each other.

Adelline is then caught up in playing spy to save her sister but this is a game of royalty and who should win the war. really the book is moves about counter moves and working out who can own the crown. Enzo Is the rightful ruler but his sister is firm in discrediting and will see all of the people with powers dead. If she could get away with it.

This is a great series if you enjoy. Selection series Kiera Cass, Red Queen Victoria Averyard, Matched Ally Condie then this series is for you.