When this series first came out I absolutely loved it. That’s was before tv companies seem to do best and destroy it. How you can take a evil perverted skull and make him into an English butler is beyond me. However the story’s are still a  good series with great characters and plot lines.

Harry (wizard detective) Murphy ( sarcastic kick ass female cop) have a great dynamic. I think on of the best live has go to be

Dresden “It’s like I’m talking to a brick wall)

Murphy ” with your head the wall would break first.

Then there Edward a white court vampire in the Dresden files there are different courts and within them all have different skill sets and rules. Red court are traditional drink blood black court love death. White court feed of gossip which makes and interesting story for Edwards Job in later books where Harry thinks he’s killing in reality he just got a job perfect for any white court vampire.

There tutu a lovable fairy which gets captured by Harry all the time fairies aren’t supposed to be caught easy but this little guy loves his Pizza.

Therefore Dresden files is a high action packed fantasy world with great plots and a mix of loveable creative characters or at least the books are