I have read this book several times. Like most of Picoult’s books it deal with difficult subjects and it deals with them well. Emily and Chris have grown up together there entire lives and families live next door to each other and make sure one night every week go to the same restraint.

The problem is Emily and Chris are trapped into this relationship that everybody expects them to become there own family. That one day they would marry and stay on the same street.

Could you imagine from birth being told that who you would end up with that’s what you should want. If you have any other idea’s you know you will be letting your family down. Whst pressure it will leave you under and what happens when you hit the point where you cant cope with anything. That moment you decided to make a pact.

That pact’s suicide and what happens when only one goes through with it. This book unravels the misconceptions of a perfect life that normal isn’t normal its stifulling and that sometimes to much pressure to abide by others wants, needs and expectations lead you to want to end it all. It also looks at the damage suicide leads behind.