I have both looked forward to and dreaded this book coming out in equal measure. When a series goes from always going to be a trilogy to suddenly 5 books and in book 4 the main voice change well things  are always going to be disruptive and you lose what you loved in the first place given that the main character been side-lined to a secondary one.

Eaydlyn  charter is very hard to warm up to and up until mid way in the book I felt like throatling her about 90 per cent of the time . That being said sometimes the sign of a good book is for an author to make you go from hating to loving and at a such gradual change.I love the orginal trilogy and feel maybe this shouldn’t be selection 4 but have a new series title. After about mid way it is much more enjoyable read and you see a selection process working as it does. It certainly different pace. Last chapter was just mean cliffhanger and you cant wait a year for the finally