This was an interesting book for me to read but difficult a the same time I knew the book was about a forbidden romance what I didn’t know was some of the topics that where brought up. The primary one to affect me was self harm/injury.

I can be kind of a masochist when reading about it because I started self harming at 11 now 20 years later I still consider myself a self harmer. Though where once I was a regular self harmer I tend to only do it now and again if a event has set me off. However the self harming event in the book were we written and truthful of things. Yes sometimes the wanting self harm is because for the first time someone cares and its scary as hell to let them in. And sometime its a double edge sword that to be safer you need to put yourself in danger.  I was lucky I got back into education and certain friends changed my path. Now I help other who struggle who need their own support.

This book has many facets it covers people’s guilt when they shouldn’t feel guilty as events weren’t there fault. It has a very abusive character.

But above everything this book shows that there are no easy fixes but there is hope and humanity if you look close enough. That people want to help even when your not ready to accept it.