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Ever since Fault in Our Stars became a best seller and hit at the box office. Young adult and New adult books have started to focus on the big issues people face such as cancer, suicide, lost of a love one and the grief it causes and high school shootings. This is the first time I’ve seen two of the big issues be presented well inside the same book. Kate been battling her cancer since she was 11. Now at 17 its back and she has to do another round of chemo. Enter in her oncologist son. Who is working at the hospital as he has been kicked out of two schools. Drinks and does drugs because he can’t deal with the death of his mother and brother.

Soon Kate and Daimon fall hard for each other. Soon Daimon start to clean up his act But there’s always the chance that Kate may die. He always see’s her as the “strong one”. Kate’s nurse warns her that if she where to die Daimon wont live. The nurse tells her she’s the strong one. In fact most people do but Kate knows its not about strength it about having no other choice. You deal because you have to.

I enjoyed this read as its well written and I have come across numerous books that focus to hard on a specific trigger or influence of life but this book is well balanced and easy to get into