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I posted the cover of this book yesterday and also got an advanced copy which I read last night. I enjoyed the book a lot and the final chapters are some of the best final chapters I’ve had the pleasure to read. This books is very intense and very dark at times.

A.M.Wilson certainly isn’t afraid to broach topics that a lot of authors wouldn’t. She also manages to write them well. As the topic broached in this series has abuse scene. This might be tiggery for people who have been through it. That benign said the opposite could be true and a person who has come through abuse may feel a kinship to the main lead.

If you have had troubles in the past make sure your ready before hand. I’m not telling you to not read it far from it. I’ve read several fiction and non fiction and can say that I’ve found this book both enjoyable and a easy read I’m just saying read it when the time is right for you because over coming abuse takes time.

There are several loveable character’s in this book my favourite being Sin a scary looking dude with a  heart of gold. I always find these character’s the most interesting and have been informed that he’s getting his own novella later this year so keep your eyes pealed for that