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I had the pleasure of getting an Arch edition of this book.
The story follows Alicia Ryan in entering a world where vampires are real and she is part of them. I enjoy the retelling of vampire story lines especially ones where there are differences.

This book sets up a great story plot of how vampires would work as a monarchy. However I would of liked to see some of the monarchs appear I’m sure later books will make this series. Just at times I found the storyline a bit slow as if the book explains things where if you had let the events unfold you could learn parts about vampirism over time and get a better hold. Because it would be more visual.

That being said there is a lot of good things about this book the first being Rath a character that is in charge of Alvia family estate. he reminds me of Sebastian from black butler. The final chapters of the book are very fast and fantastic and I think leading into the next book that I will enjoy it more because it ends on a point that will change a character forever.

Whilst I found parts of this book slow it has a great premise and know the future books have a great foundation to work on.