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Jennifer L Armentrout is one of my fav authors of all time. Her books are so diverse ranging from aliens in Lux series gargoyle’s in stone cold kiss series half bloods in covenant (love doesn’t even cover this series) and titian series yet her adult/ new adult books show difficulties people have had to suffer or what they are going through and can be hard hitting and thought provoking. her range of switching between genres and still keeping each book fresh and unique is impressive. Though I swear something’s that happen or have been said in the “be with me series” is like she had a recording of me and my uni friends when we where all together.

Scorched was an interesting story it was slower than most her other books to start but the ending had many messages and thoughts that should be aired in public not hidden or people think less of them. It covers depression in a way very few books can and how anxiety and college could lead to binge drinking socially at college and what can happen if it goes wrong. I liked that she actually gone there because most people do. But this book makes you think and that’s something I like to read. It also tells people its okay to talk about anxiety and depression issues. This book really kicked me in the feels it was brilliantly delivers from start to finish.