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On Friday I went to London to go to the YALC convention in LFCC. I’ve been going to LFCC since 2009 and have many great memories. However last years LFCC was poorly managed and had too many people turn up that the over crowding and pure chaos had put me off re-going this year. However there was one main highlight (well to I got a Stan lee photo but again queue was murder.) and that was the young adult author zone it was at the very back of LFCC last year and was small that trying to get certain authors signature we took up all the room that would be looking around for books. I think last year Patrick Ness was the most insane queue and the organises hadn’t accounted for just how many people would turn up. Last year the talk area was small and you had to get a ticket first thing in the morning or stand at the side.

This years YALC was completely different it had practically a whole floor dedicated to it and had a great floor plan the first hour only YALC ticket holders where allowed in which was great so you had plenty of time to walk around stands and authors and chat away with them. The time talks was fantastic.

Unfortunely I only went on the Friday which meant I missed a lot of the big big authors however I had already met some of them such as Cassandra Claire who done LFCC 2 years ago before Mortal instruments film came out and before YAlC had its own section I also met Holly Smale at last years YALC.

My favourite part of this years YALC however was the HP party. it was run by muggle net and there where a number of interesting things to do. As a true Slytherin I acted the part and met several people like minded. I wore a Dobby mask which freaked a lot of people out and I teamed up with a girl who was dressed as Severus Snape. Who is my favourite character of all time. It was a great end to a great event.