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On Saturday I went to second city Birmingham event. This was an event for indie authors to promote there works. This was an interesting event in the fact it was the first one UK wise. All the authors where happy to stand and chat about everything and anything not just their books.

This was also a nice event because there was just the right amount of people that you didn’t feel closed in and you didn’t ever have to wait long for people and if you did you could always go back to a table later.

There was also a lot of competitions going on such as author bingo you go to every stand and get an autograph when you got the final line you got sweet if you completed the page you got put into a draw to win all the books.

There was a lot of swag at each table and I came away with a  ton of pin badges, key rings, fridge magnets, wrist bands and sweets. Not to mention buying more books than I could carry.

There was an evening event to this sighing that unfortunately I couldn’t go to. However I have seen the pictures from other friends where they had fun parting with authors that had been there during the day had karaoke and just a general laid back time.

The nice thing about these events is that you feel acknowledge by the authors you’ve gone to see. You can chat happily and get to know what its like for struggling or new authors to succeed. I would suggest anyone to go to an event like this. To give unknown authors a chance