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Whilst every other review I made on these blog have been about books in this blog this ones going to be a bit different. I’ve had a really bad week dealing with death of an uncle. Well I called him uncle but in reality he was a great uncle as he was my nan brother. I was just raise by my nan rather than my parent for a large chunk of my life so we always called him uncle. I knew him growing up closer than a lot of my relatives. Then on Wednesday a friend got killed in a motorbike accident so to say my week has been hell is  an understatement.

My coping mechanism from when I was young was to self harm and contrary to what a lot of people believe I didn’t do it for attention and nobody really found out until it went to self harm to suicidal intent. I was lucky enough however to get back into education and that’s where I made some great friends who helped me go 4 years without it however once they left university  I’ve had a couple of slips over the last few years not often but they have been there.

This weeks kind of tested me to the limit, some how I don’t know how I managed not to self harm. Tonight I watched Paper Towns though not out officially in the UK till 17th August Vue cinemas had special screenings where you could watch an interview with John Green Nate Woolfe and Cara Delavine. Listening to them reminded me of the Fun I had a university.

Whilst Paper towns is my least favourite book from John Green. (only my opinion I know others that disagree with me hugely) The film had a much better pace and was full of such amazing sense of the human fragility. With two added characters the road trip was more emotional and heart felt. The friendship seen between the characters  and just the well written dialogue that John uses is really something you can get anywhere else.

There are dark parts in the movie but they don’t seem so dark there are happy parts that have a lingering on them. There nobody in the world that writes the way john does in that he can make you feel a million emotions in one. Its such a feel good film and i’m not usally over run by feel good i’m normally sarcastic if i’m honest. But Johns books and film speak to me and are a brilliant thing to go and see.

Also when watching if you a nerdfighter look out for cameos not of just John also Johns cameo is sneaky