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Downcast is another retelling of the Persephone Hades myth. If you go through my reviews here or on Goodreads you’ll know I love these type of books. This one for me had some good areas and some not so good areas. The lead didn’t have a very strong voice at the beginning of the book. However the cause of this is explained near the end. In books like Half Blood Jennifer L Armentrout. Goddess Test series Aimee Carter the one thing I like most is that the lead has a very strong back bone. However the ending of the book when  the lead actual learns what she is and who other people actually are she suddenly develops one very fast. I enjoy the spin that this book is taken its hard to complement it without giving the whole storyline away and you need to read the story line for yourself. If you like Star crossed by Josephine Angelini then this is a book for you.

Of course if you just like Greek retelling especially ones with Hades like I do its a defiantly a to read book.