Never in my life have I told someone not to read a book. Even if I dislike a book I would still recommend to friends who I know have different taste than my own. However. I came across an article today that has made me sad and angry for the publishing world. Yes the ways to self publish are getting easier so the need for positive reviews are needer. But reviews are one person voice and they should be allowed that voice as much as the writer of a story has in telling their story. Thousands of book get knocked back from publishers a day that the trade we live in. But a 14 year old girl got tracked down and attacked by an author because of her view. I say we should not read because of this because humans have a mortality of wanting to see a car crash up close. people will go and read the book just to see what caused this event to happen. However in my eyes I think nobody should read his work either this or any other book that this man writes because. Storys will be told and tales will be spun but anyone who can hit a 14 year old with a wine bottle for telling her thoughts on a book should not be allowed to have the power to do it again if he got another negative review