House of Royals – Keary Taylor


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I had the pleasure of getting an Arch edition of this book.
The story follows Alicia Ryan in entering a world where vampires are real and she is part of them. I enjoy the retelling of vampire story lines especially ones where there are differences.

This book sets up a great story plot of how vampires would work as a monarchy. However I would of liked to see some of the monarchs appear I’m sure later books will make this series. Just at times I found the storyline a bit slow as if the book explains things where if you had let the events unfold you could learn parts about vampirism over time and get a better hold. Because it would be more visual.

That being said there is a lot of good things about this book the first being Rath a character that is in charge of Alvia family estate. he reminds me of Sebastian from black butler. The final chapters of the book are very fast and fantastic and I think leading into the next book that I will enjoy it more because it ends on a point that will change a character forever.

Whilst I found parts of this book slow it has a great premise and know the future books have a great foundation to work on.


Redesigning Fate -A.M.Wilson


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I posted the cover of this book yesterday and also got an advanced copy which I read last night. I enjoyed the book a lot and the final chapters are some of the best final chapters I’ve had the pleasure to read. This books is very intense and very dark at times.

A.M.Wilson certainly isn’t afraid to broach topics that a lot of authors wouldn’t. She also manages to write them well. As the topic broached in this series has abuse scene. This might be tiggery for people who have been through it. That benign said the opposite could be true and a person who has come through abuse may feel a kinship to the main lead.

If you have had troubles in the past make sure your ready before hand. I’m not telling you to not read it far from it. I’ve read several fiction and non fiction and can say that I’ve found this book both enjoyable and a easy read I’m just saying read it when the time is right for you because over coming abuse takes time.

There are several loveable character’s in this book my favourite being Sin a scary looking dude with a  heart of gold. I always find these character’s the most interesting and have been informed that he’s getting his own novella later this year so keep your eyes pealed for that

Redesigning fate – A M Wilson.


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A.M Wilson is a new author with incredible talent her first book Indisputable tells a tail or forbidden love whilst dealing with intense psychological issues. It promotes awareness of self harm and the reason why some people turn to it or even need it to survive. Redesigning fate is a stand alone book that gets released publically end of this month. I would check out indisputable before this come out they are separate enteritis but the writing style is skilful and makes the book a very easy read.


I left everything behind in order to be free. I should have known better than to think it would be so easy. All it took was one day at my new job.

He came for me.

I used a stranger to deter him, and in doing so, realized my heart began to beat again. Elias Brooks put me back together after Travis Dawson tore me apart. Travis makes it everybody’s business that I belong to him, including Elias, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

He’s stalking me.

I’m afraid he’s come back to hurt me again. He promises he’s not. Travis pleads he’s only trying to keep me safe from none other than Elias.

Who do I trust? Fate led me down the wrong path before. Who’s to say it won’t happen again?


Love always kate – D Nicole King


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Ever since Fault in Our Stars became a best seller and hit at the box office. Young adult and New adult books have started to focus on the big issues people face such as cancer, suicide, lost of a love one and the grief it causes and high school shootings. This is the first time I’ve seen two of the big issues be presented well inside the same book. Kate been battling her cancer since she was 11. Now at 17 its back and she has to do another round of chemo. Enter in her oncologist son. Who is working at the hospital as he has been kicked out of two schools. Drinks and does drugs because he can’t deal with the death of his mother and brother.

Soon Kate and Daimon fall hard for each other. Soon Daimon start to clean up his act But there’s always the chance that Kate may die. He always see’s her as the “strong one”. Kate’s nurse warns her that if she where to die Daimon wont live. The nurse tells her she’s the strong one. In fact most people do but Kate knows its not about strength it about having no other choice. You deal because you have to.

I enjoyed this read as its well written and I have come across numerous books that focus to hard on a specific trigger or influence of life but this book is well balanced and easy to get into

Mental health awarness in memory of keith Milano book auction and realise




Mental health is always hard for people to accept or ask for help when that need it this event happening on facebook allows people to do just that it also may introduce you into books that could help you or someone that has different disorders understand a little more about it. so go check it out

Hades – Larissa Iones



HADES RDL Banner 11136287_920048081350140_5607755190011410144_oHades Teaser 1

Hades has always been an intresting character to read about given the fact the mythology of him spans over a millennia. Thus making his story one of the longest games of Chinese whisper’s to date. Where Hades was once feared in most recent books I’ve read of his character he is romanticised. Simply because its more interesting to love a broken complex man than a perfect man. Hades is certainly complex. So whats different about this book than others. Simple answer the girl. Because fallen angels also have the same appeal no matter what religion you are no doubt you have heard of at least the name hades and what angels are supposed to be.

So if your looking for a highly intensive book of fallen angels and forbidden love in the mist of a plot  to start Armageddon plot gone wrong. When evil is good not to mention hot.  Then make sure you check this book out.



Her luxurious mink-brown wings were gone, sliced off in a brutal ceremony, and with them, her source of power. She totally understood why an Unfallen would cross the barrier between the human and demon realms to turn themselves into True Fallen and gain new wings and new powers. But was the evil upgrade worth it? Cat didn’t think so.

“Cat!” Azagoth’s voice startled her out of her thoughts, and she nearly dropped the tray of dirty dishes as she looked up to see him striding down the hallway from his office.

In the flickering light cast by the iron wall sconces, he didn’t look happy. He also wasn’t alone.

Hades, Azagoth’s second-in-command and the designated Jailor of the Dead, was walking next to him. No, not walking. With the way his thigh muscles flexed in those form-fitting black pants with every silent step, it was more like prowling. His body sang with barely-leashed power, and she shivered in primal, feminine response.

Son of a bitch, Hades was hot. Hard-cut cheekbones and a firm, square jaw gave him a rugged appearance that bordered on sinister, especially when paired with a blue Mohawk she’d kill to run her palm over.  But then, she’d kill to run her palms over all of him, and she’d start with his muscular chest, which was usually, temptingly, bare. Not that she’d complain about what he was wearing now, a sleeveless, color-shifting top that clung to his rock-hard abs.

She tried not to stare, but really, even if she’d stood in the middle of the hall with her tongue hanging out, it wouldn’t have mattered. He never looked her way. He never noticed her. She was nothing to him. Not even worth a glance. Those cold, ice-blue eyes looked right through her. And yet, this was a guy who laughed with Lilliana, pulled pranks on the other Unfallen who lived here, and played with hellhounds as if they were giant puppies. Giant, man-eating puppies.

Azagoth stopped in front of her. “Cat? You okay?”

She blinked, realized she’d been lost in a world of Hades. “Ah, yes. Sorry, sir. What is it?”

Indisputeable A M Wilson



This was an interesting book for me to read but difficult a the same time I knew the book was about a forbidden romance what I didn’t know was some of the topics that where brought up. The primary one to affect me was self harm/injury.

I can be kind of a masochist when reading about it because I started self harming at 11 now 20 years later I still consider myself a self harmer. Though where once I was a regular self harmer I tend to only do it now and again if a event has set me off. However the self harming event in the book were we written and truthful of things. Yes sometimes the wanting self harm is because for the first time someone cares and its scary as hell to let them in. And sometime its a double edge sword that to be safer you need to put yourself in danger.  I was lucky I got back into education and certain friends changed my path. Now I help other who struggle who need their own support.

This book has many facets it covers people’s guilt when they shouldn’t feel guilty as events weren’t there fault. It has a very abusive character.

But above everything this book shows that there are no easy fixes but there is hope and humanity if you look close enough. That people want to help even when your not ready to accept it.

House of royals -Keary Taylor


Just over a month for Keary Taylors new book house of royals. And I have a excerpt of it to  share with you. If you don’t know Kearys work read the Branded series I love it. And it has a great plot of Jessica nightmares are filled with seeing people being given  judgement to the afterlife where she thought they where only nightmares she was wrong. so check it out. But for now here an early extract of House of Royals pre order now.


The street runs straight for the river, T-ing right up to it.

And at the end of the road, just before the ground drops down to the river, there is a tree.

Not a single blade of grass grows around it.  Pure, uninterrupted dry dirt spreads from its base.  A circle of stones, probably twenty feet across, wraps around it.

A heavy, dark feeling creeps into my chest as I look up at the tree.  It’s massive, with branches that hang wide and tall, the same as the ones on the Conrath property.  But where those trees bare massive leaves, green and brilliant, this one is barren.  Not a single sign of greenery to it.

It is completely dead.

But it sits here, the focal point of Main Street, set like a prized sculpture for all to see.

And this feeling inside of me.  Like bad things had happened here and are still coming.  I swear I feel cold fingers working their way up my spine.  Bumps flash across my skin.


“What are you doing here?” he hisses, pulling me close.  His lips tickle my ear.  His hand on my waist slips low and his fingers dig into my skin just a little.

The breath catches in my chest and every nerve ending in my body goes crazy.  The music surges, and this night suddenly feels too big for me to breathe.

“I’m not lying down and taking a fate I didn’t ask for,” I manage.  My fingers cling hard to Ian’s shoulder.  I can feel the muscles beneath his clothes tense and tighten.  And suddenly I’m back to the days at his cabin, when he’d come walking out of the shower with only a towel and I pretended not to look.  I know what his bare skin looks like, and suddenly I’m craving another glimpse.

“They won’t care about a show of good faith,” he says.  “Do you have any idea what this party is even for?”

My silence is his answer.

“They throw this party once a year and offer massive amounts of alcohol so that people won’t remember the blackouts that come from behind fed on.”

My eyes dart to that door at the back of the room.  The blood on the woman’s shoulder.  The blood in the corner of the man’s mouth.

“They’re feeding on the party attendees,” I say.

Ian nods.  His scratchy cheek brushes mine.  “The bite numbs and makes you forget, but people tend to realize they blacked out.  A party like this with this much booze, you brush it off.  It’s the one time a year they feed freely upon the townspeople.  It’s the only way to keep people from asking too many questions.”

It’s terrifying and horrifying, and I’m suddenly wondering if the man was asking me to dance as my turn to be fed upon.

“It’s bad, but I have to do something Ian,” I breathe.

“Walking into the fire isn’t the way to do it,” he whispers into my ear.

I back away just slightly, just so I can look into his eyes.  There’s intensity there.  Enough of it to melt me clean through.

“It isn’t your job to protect me,” I say quietly as my eyes drift down to his mouth.  “I saw you that night.  You were supposed to be sleeping.  But you were watching over me.  You can’t keep doing that.”

“I can’t seem to help it,” he says as his brows furrow.

The music starts to swell toward the end.  It’s the last song of the night.  Everyone seems to know it.  I can feel it.  Surging and surging, pushing me to an unknown finish.

“I have to do this,” I say.  I start to step away from Ian, toward the Royals that aren’t Royals.  “I won’t be pushed around.”

“Stay,” he breathes.

“I can’t.”  I take one step back, turning away from Ian.

“Liv, don’t,” Ian pleads.  “Just look at me.”  Not too gently, he pulls me back toward him.

And suddenly his arms are around me, pulling my center to his and our bodies explode in human passion as they collide and his mouth is on mine.  And all the fighting

and training and bantering we’ve been doing climaxes into something I can’t explain and don’t ever want to come to a conclusion.

Ian’s lips part and so do mine.  Even as his breath gathers to say things I can’t do.  “Just leave with me.  Now.  Just walk away.”

I give him one final kiss, feeling more alive than I ever have before, yet feeling like a sinking ship.  And I pull away.  Because I know I cannot give him what he wants.

“I have to do this, and you have to let me.”  A million emotions are running rampant in me and I’m not prepared to deal with a single one.

Because Ian and I have been circling one another in close orbit.  We have gravitational pull on each other that can’t be explained by logic and reason.  And I’ve always known, from the moment Ian decided not to kill me, that one day we would collide.

Sometimes fate deals you the horrible and the incredible.  We can’t run from either.

I take a step away from him, but Ian holds onto my hand.  I take another step, and millimeter by millimeter, our fingers slip apart.  Then I’m gone, and Ian is still standing there in the middle of the ballroom, watching me run into the middle of a pack of wolves.

The Heir – Kiera Cass



I have both looked forward to and dreaded this book coming out in equal measure. When a series goes from always going to be a trilogy to suddenly 5 books and in book 4 the main voice change well things  are always going to be disruptive and you lose what you loved in the first place given that the main character been side-lined to a secondary one.

Eaydlyn  charter is very hard to warm up to and up until mid way in the book I felt like throatling her about 90 per cent of the time . That being said sometimes the sign of a good book is for an author to make you go from hating to loving and at a such gradual change.I love the orginal trilogy and feel maybe this shouldn’t be selection 4 but have a new series title. After about mid way it is much more enjoyable read and you see a selection process working as it does. It certainly different pace. Last chapter was just mean cliffhanger and you cant wait a year for the finally