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Never in my life have I told someone not to read a book. Even if I dislike a book I would still recommend to friends who I know have different taste than my own. However. I came across an article today that has made me sad and angry for the publishing world. Yes the ways to self publish are getting easier so the need for positive reviews are needer. But reviews are one person voice and they should be allowed that voice as much as the writer of a story has in telling their story. Thousands of book get knocked back from publishers a day that the trade we live in. But a 14 year old girl got tracked down and attacked by an author because of her view. I say we should not read because of this because humans have a mortality of wanting to see a car crash up close. people will go and read the book just to see what caused this event to happen. However in my eyes I think nobody should read his work either this or any other book that this man writes because. Storys will be told and tales will be spun but anyone who can hit a 14 year old with a wine bottle for telling her thoughts on a book should not be allowed to have the power to do it again if he got another negative review

What hunger games means for me Panem competion


What hunger games mean for me. Like all books there an escape. Into a world both crappier and more amazing than your own. I love reading the hunger games books. I love the extra stories the heartache that Haymitch has gone through it allows you to feel and dream of characters.

The films have done the books justice. Getting to watch it on the big screen is awesome for many levels one that my cinema now shows them back to back. Some of my uni friends who I only get to see a couple of times a year come down to watch it and it gives that experience an added extra. I love how the cast of the hunger games are so humble and down to earth especially Jennifer Lawrence.

Hunger games is my home when I want to feel I know the place and can just be myself watching or reading characters that have so many dimensions both characters and actors have your heart for that moment your in them

Cage of Deciet – Jennifer Anne Davis


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This is a fast action book with a fantastic lead character Alyssa. Alyssa is crown princess but that doesn’t stop her from going  out on patrols every night. She has power wisdom loyalty though can be a little defiant at times. There is a war brewing and she may have to marry but she keeps a good head on her shoulder and learns what its like to fight. For people who liked Red Queen, House of Royals, Matched, Selection or the Young Elites this book is for you.

Please note I was lucky enough to get an advance Arc on this book it goes on sale to the general public on 25 August

Downcasst (Olympus fallen book 1)


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Downcast is another retelling of the Persephone Hades myth. If you go through my reviews here or on Goodreads you’ll know I love these type of books. This one for me had some good areas and some not so good areas. The lead didn’t have a very strong voice at the beginning of the book. However the cause of this is explained near the end. In books like Half Blood Jennifer L Armentrout. Goddess Test series Aimee Carter the one thing I like most is that the lead has a very strong back bone. However the ending of the book when  the lead actual learns what she is and who other people actually are she suddenly develops one very fast. I enjoy the spin that this book is taken its hard to complement it without giving the whole storyline away and you need to read the story line for yourself. If you like Star crossed by Josephine Angelini then this is a book for you.

Of course if you just like Greek retelling especially ones with Hades like I do its a defiantly a to read book.

See Paper Town First a movie review and personal matters


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Whilst every other review I made on these blog have been about books in this blog this ones going to be a bit different. I’ve had a really bad week dealing with death of an uncle. Well I called him uncle but in reality he was a great uncle as he was my nan brother. I was just raise by my nan rather than my parent for a large chunk of my life so we always called him uncle. I knew him growing up closer than a lot of my relatives. Then on Wednesday a friend got killed in a motorbike accident so to say my week has been hell is  an understatement.

My coping mechanism from when I was young was to self harm and contrary to what a lot of people believe I didn’t do it for attention and nobody really found out until it went to self harm to suicidal intent. I was lucky enough however to get back into education and that’s where I made some great friends who helped me go 4 years without it however once they left university  I’ve had a couple of slips over the last few years not often but they have been there.

This weeks kind of tested me to the limit, some how I don’t know how I managed not to self harm. Tonight I watched Paper Towns though not out officially in the UK till 17th August Vue cinemas had special screenings where you could watch an interview with John Green Nate Woolfe and Cara Delavine. Listening to them reminded me of the Fun I had a university.

Whilst Paper towns is my least favourite book from John Green. (only my opinion I know others that disagree with me hugely) The film had a much better pace and was full of such amazing sense of the human fragility. With two added characters the road trip was more emotional and heart felt. The friendship seen between the characters  and just the well written dialogue that John uses is really something you can get anywhere else.

There are dark parts in the movie but they don’t seem so dark there are happy parts that have a lingering on them. There nobody in the world that writes the way john does in that he can make you feel a million emotions in one. Its such a feel good film and i’m not usally over run by feel good i’m normally sarcastic if i’m honest. But Johns books and film speak to me and are a brilliant thing to go and see.

Also when watching if you a nerdfighter look out for cameos not of just John also Johns cameo is sneaky

House of Pawns cover revial and game

puzzle 7

Welcome to STOP SEVEN of the #Cover and #Title #Reveal for book 2 in the HOUSE OF ROYALS Series!  Not sure what this is?  Check out the first post in this scavenger hunt at for rules and instructions! Below you’ll find a short blurb, and a #puzzle piece of the cover.  Please follow the link at the bottom of the post to get the next piece to the puzzle.  Be sure you save and print each puzzle piece so you can be entered to win the grand #prize at the final stop!  Another question! When you read a series, do you read them as they are published, or do you wait until all books are released so you can binge read them?  Everyone that comments will be entered to win a digital copy of HOUSE OR ROYALS!  Please be kind and give this awesome page a like.  If it weren’t for Toni, Keary wouldn’t be able to have such a fun reveal and giveaway! Winner will be drawn via and will be announced on THIS POST by this page!  Winner must claim by messaging Keary Taylor’s Facebook page at the link above.  **Facebook is not responsible for this giveaway.**


Deep in the South

There waged a game.

Where blood was shared

For the chance to reign.

Love is deep,

Love is pure.

But lies are black

And lust unsure.

Quiet, in the night,

There is a Queen

Who lost it all,

Now will be seen.

*Full description coming soon.*

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Second City Signing Birmingham


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On Saturday I went to second city Birmingham event. This was an event for indie authors to promote there works. This was an interesting event in the fact it was the first one UK wise. All the authors where happy to stand and chat about everything and anything not just their books.

This was also a nice event because there was just the right amount of people that you didn’t feel closed in and you didn’t ever have to wait long for people and if you did you could always go back to a table later.

There was also a lot of competitions going on such as author bingo you go to every stand and get an autograph when you got the final line you got sweet if you completed the page you got put into a draw to win all the books.

There was a lot of swag at each table and I came away with a  ton of pin badges, key rings, fridge magnets, wrist bands and sweets. Not to mention buying more books than I could carry.

There was an evening event to this sighing that unfortunately I couldn’t go to. However I have seen the pictures from other friends where they had fun parting with authors that had been there during the day had karaoke and just a general laid back time.

The nice thing about these events is that you feel acknowledge by the authors you’ve gone to see. You can chat happily and get to know what its like for struggling or new authors to succeed. I would suggest anyone to go to an event like this. To give unknown authors a chance

YALC Part of London Film And Comic Con


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On Friday I went to London to go to the YALC convention in LFCC. I’ve been going to LFCC since 2009 and have many great memories. However last years LFCC was poorly managed and had too many people turn up that the over crowding and pure chaos had put me off re-going this year. However there was one main highlight (well to I got a Stan lee photo but again queue was murder.) and that was the young adult author zone it was at the very back of LFCC last year and was small that trying to get certain authors signature we took up all the room that would be looking around for books. I think last year Patrick Ness was the most insane queue and the organises hadn’t accounted for just how many people would turn up. Last year the talk area was small and you had to get a ticket first thing in the morning or stand at the side.

This years YALC was completely different it had practically a whole floor dedicated to it and had a great floor plan the first hour only YALC ticket holders where allowed in which was great so you had plenty of time to walk around stands and authors and chat away with them. The time talks was fantastic.

Unfortunely I only went on the Friday which meant I missed a lot of the big big authors however I had already met some of them such as Cassandra Claire who done LFCC 2 years ago before Mortal instruments film came out and before YAlC had its own section I also met Holly Smale at last years YALC.

My favourite part of this years YALC however was the HP party. it was run by muggle net and there where a number of interesting things to do. As a true Slytherin I acted the part and met several people like minded. I wore a Dobby mask which freaked a lot of people out and I teamed up with a girl who was dressed as Severus Snape. Who is my favourite character of all time. It was a great end to a great event.

Scorcherd- Jennifer L Armentrout


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Jennifer L Armentrout is one of my fav authors of all time. Her books are so diverse ranging from aliens in Lux series gargoyle’s in stone cold kiss series half bloods in covenant (love doesn’t even cover this series) and titian series yet her adult/ new adult books show difficulties people have had to suffer or what they are going through and can be hard hitting and thought provoking. her range of switching between genres and still keeping each book fresh and unique is impressive. Though I swear something’s that happen or have been said in the “be with me series” is like she had a recording of me and my uni friends when we where all together.

Scorched was an interesting story it was slower than most her other books to start but the ending had many messages and thoughts that should be aired in public not hidden or people think less of them. It covers depression in a way very few books can and how anxiety and college could lead to binge drinking socially at college and what can happen if it goes wrong. I liked that she actually gone there because most people do. But this book makes you think and that’s something I like to read. It also tells people its okay to talk about anxiety and depression issues. This book really kicked me in the feels it was brilliantly delivers from start to finish.